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The Real Hard Work Begins

IMG_20131027_185111So the last couple of months didn’t really go to plan in terms of ze bloggy blog.  Nope.  Not at all.  Turns out the PT course was more full on than I originally thought.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be intense and I knew  I’d need to put in some hard work but I just didn’t realise how caught up with it all I’d become.  Totally in a good way though.  I knew I’d give it my all.  The geek in me thrives at the chance to learn and the thought of getting back into almost the student/school type environment had me extremely excited.  The fact that it was going to be health and fitness related just tipped me over the edge!  The day before my course was due to start I headed out for “some last-minute bits” and came home with 2 complete new gym outfits, exercise book and new stationary equipment.  My bank account wasn’t thanking me, but it was all in the name of my new career so fully and 100% justified, naturally.

I can honestly say that completed the 6 weeks course was hands down, the best thing I’ve decided to do.  I’ve learnt so much more than I would have imagined from Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition to the more practical side of things such as planning and delivering personal training, gym sessions and group classes and I also picked up plenty of hints and tips for myself personally when training.  It was tough.  I spent a lot of weekends revising for theory exams and getting family and Blayne to test me, but I loved it.  I’ve walked away from it all with:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Certificate in Studio Cycling (Spinning)
  • Certificate in Circuit Training
  • Certificate in Gym Based Boxing
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition
  • An even greater love for health and fitness and passion to make a living from it

So now it’s time to put it all into action.  It’s a hard industry to get into but I’ve got the passion and will to success.  Determination Today Leads To Success Tomorrow.  I already have some gym space that I am renting so now it’s a case of getting my name out and there and proving that I can help people reach their health and fitness goals.  I’ve been there.  Through determination, hard work and teaching myself I’ve lost over 5 stone (70 lbs/32kg) in weight and have maintained it over 5 years.  I’m still learning everyday, new training systems, new hints and tips, new recipe ideas, and I love it!  I love that I now have the opportunity to help other people do the same, and have the qualifications to back it up!  Exciting times are ahead.

Tonight, I’m meeting with my potential first client.  He is a friend of mine but I’m nervous.  I think it’s sometimes harder when it’s someone you already know but it’s a good starting point as well.  So, I’m making sure I’m going to turn up prepared.  Ready to take notes, ready to listen to what he wants to achieve and ready to help him get to where he wants to be!

If there’s anyone out there reading this in the Essex area and you’re looking to get fit, feel better about yourself, be more healthy, maybe lose a few lbs for you work Christmas party, get a head start on your 2014 new year resolutions then please get in touch.  Drop me an email on lozziefitness@gmail.com for more information.