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Holiday Prep


Bright and early Friday morning The Boy and I are heading to Amsterdam to spend the weekend.  To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the century.  I spent 2 and a half years living in Amsterdam and it is my favourite place in the world, so far.  Everything about the city enchants me.  The people, the culture, the history, the sights, everything.  The Boy has never been, so I’m looking forward to playing tour guide and can’t wait to introduce him to my friends.  It’s also Gay Pride weekend, and the weather is supposed to be scorching, so it’ll be a great weekend for him to see it for the first time.  Amsterdam embraces the weekend fully and what with the party atmosphere in the streets, parties on the boats and the canal parade, he is in for a treat!

Now obviously, no matter if I’m heading off for a beach holiday for two weeks or a weekend break to a beautiful city, I always amp up the workouts and pay a bit of extra attention to what I feed my body in the run up to it and I’m sure most people are the same.  Let’s face it, we all want to be looking and feeling our best when we are on holiday right?!  Also, when it comes to being on holiday I always end up relaxing slightly and always eat maybe a little more than I would normally but that’s what it’s all about for me.  Embracing the culture and trying everything the country/city has to offer.  Plus, Amsterdam has THE BEST FRIES I have ever had and with 20 different sauces available, I will certainly be indulging

So, while daydreaming of falling into a Netherland Fry coma I’ve been hitting the gym for some extra Zumba classes and pushing myself a little further on the treadmill, as well as throwing in a couple of extra sessions of weight and strength training.  Food during this time has been basic and nourishing; lots of fresh salads with plenty of protein in the form of fish and, of course, drinking plenty of water and green tea.

The best way to see Amsterdam is on foot, or bicycle (and also a fantastic way to burn off those fries!).  Biking in Amsterdam is fun and easy – the city is so flat and bike paths are everywhere.  Renting a bicycle is easy and cheap, it’s one of the most used modes of transport and everywhere you look there will be someone on a bike so if you do intend to get involved, I’d recommend reading these Amsterdam biking hints and tips before you get going.

So, here’s to a great weekend, full of fun, friends, culture and, of course, fries!