The Next Chapter


I am no longer an office worker.  On Friday I closed that door, and walked through a new door to a new future. I know that challenges will lay ahead of me, but health and fitness is something I am completely passionate about, so going back to school to become at personal trainer excites me more than the nerves.  I was completely spoiled by my work collegues on Friday; lunch with the girls, the cutest owl vest top and then at 4pm wine, nibbles and a toast to wish me to best of luck on my next adventure.  Then the gift were brought out and I was gobsmacked by what I received…a 3 hour sushi-making class for two, a polar FT4 heart rate monitor that I have been lusting over for months and £140 worth of vouchers to spend at Nike.  Very very happy Lozzie indeed!  I wasn’t expecting anything at so the fact that the gifts I got were also things that completely excited me was totally out of the blue but very very much appreciated.

I was extremely excited to try out my Polar FT4 the next moring during my body attack class and I couldn’t have asked for more from it.  It was easy to use and accurate and will definately be coming with me every time I go to the gym.  I’m also interested in using it during my trip to Alton Towers on Wednesday as there will be a lot of walking involved.

ImageI love Body Attack!  It’s such a touch class and I really feel like I’m working every muscle in my body.  By the end of class I resemble a big red sweaty mess but I feel great!  The energy the instructor has is admirable – I can barely breathe during class, let alone be able to shout encouragement to everyone else!!  However, saying this, I want to be doing it.  I’d love to be a fitness instructor as well as a personal trainer.  My ultimate aim, after comepleting my personal training course is to then go on to do an exercise to music qualification and then becoming qualified to teach Les Mills classes: Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Step & Body Jam are all classes that interest me so I plan on attending as many classes as I can during my month off, before going back to school, to get a better understanding of the classes and what is involved, from both an instructor and participant point of view, especially as there are a couple that I’ve haven’t tried yet.

Seeing as I have a month off, I’ve put together a September Goals list for myself:1.  Do  a Body Step class
2.  Do a Body Jam class
3.  Complete an outdoor run (either street or track)
4.  Buy clothes for PT course

I’ve also decided to try and get over my hatred of Burpees but trying my hand at a 30 day burpees challenage, but more about that (an my 30 day squat challange) next time.

I could take September as a month of lesuire and bum around and do absolutely nothing, and I’m sure there will be a couple of days like that, but I like to keep busy and active.  Gym sessions, new workouts, day trips with The Boyfriend and spending time with my baby neice will be in abundance.  Yes, I’m certainly looking forward to September, and the furture.





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