Post-Holiday Blues

This weekend was filled with experimenting in the kitchen.  I discovered the use of nutritional yeast to make my mac n’ cheese vegan, and with the addition of vegan chorizo for a little kick, it was a great Friday night dish to veg in front of the T.V with, coupled with a couple of glasses of white wine and cuddled up to Blayne.  Saturday I tried my hand a veganising Caribbean spiced shepherd’s pie, which was already a hit with everyone that’s tried and this time around it also didn’t fail.  I also entered the world of vegan desserts with a raw chocolate cream cake, using ground pecans, dates, vanilla and cocoa powder for base and almonds, maple syrup cocoa powder and coconut oil for the creamy topping.  So rich and decadent and all gone by the end of the weekend.








I also took the time to plan for the weekend ahead.  I always seem to struggle to get back into the swing of things in terms of my diet and gym when I get back from a holiday, the post-holiday blues take over and all I want to do is curl up after a day at the office with a family-sized bar of chocolate, a good book, and wish I could be on a permanent holiday.  Luckily, the excitement over the start of my vegan pledge last week and trying out all these new foods meant that I skipped the eat-everything-in-sight side of my post-holiday blues.  The gym side, however, was a different story.  I normally aim to workout in some way 5-6 times a week, but after a holiday it just doesn’t happen.  Last week I managed a Zumba class after work on Wednesday and a brief leg and cardio session on Saturday morning with Blayne.  It’s strange because I love to workout, and, with the happy endorphins that working out releases, you’d think that it would be the perfect way to beat the post-holiday blues.  So, with that in mind, I took some time on Sunday to plan my workout schedule for the week.  I plan on 2 cardio classes, 1 strength training class and 3 gym sessions that I will plan a schedule for before I go.  This helps ensure I keep on track and stay until I’m done.  The body achieves what the mind believes.

My gym bag is already packed and in my car so I can just jump right in when I get home from work and head straight there.  There are no excuses.





2 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Blues

    1. lozziefitness Post author

      Oh gosh, I was terrible! And I need to update soon about it all – I loosely stuck to it, but have been on call for my brother and his girlfriend because she is having baby as I type this and it’s been going on for a week! Mental time but thanks for checking in…I’ll be posting a full update this weekend 🙂


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